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About our Team

Southern Grace started out as simple prayer and idea.  Tisha O’Dowd, the mother of three daughters, recognized the need for girls and young women to be surrounded by Godly mentors and positive influences.  In a time where life skills are becoming obsolete and women are trying to identify who and what they are, it is imperative for us, women of God, to equip our girls and young women to love who they are and to hold themselves to a higher standard because they are the daughters of the King. 

Kate Lala Sheets is a writer, teacher and coffee enthusiast who is passionate about empowering women of all ages to reach their full potential in Christ, no matter where they are in life's beautiful, crazy journey. 

Kate is passionate about seeing the lives of women transformed by the revelation that they are deeply LOVED by a God who is as authentic and personal, as He is mighty and great. It is her ultimate aim to help reveal the goodness and power of Jesus Christ in all the earth and encourage women around the world to do the same. 

Kate lives in Franklin TN with her ruggedly handsome hubby, Jon and is proud mama to baby boy Roman. 

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